Messalina - painting by Joaquin Sorolla
Messalina – painting by Joaquin Sorolla

This post may endanger the continued existence of civilisation … we advocate utmost caution.

Poppea brings the Head of Octavia to Nero, by G. Muzzioli (1876)

Unbelievably, a most irresponsible internet website professing the noble purview of teaching the Latin language, has not shrunk from itemizing a list of female Roman scandals of the most heinous sort, menacing the eternal sanctity of holy matrimony and human decency. Sexual perversion, treason and poisoning are only a few example of their human fallacies. Beware!

Henryk Siemiradzkis – The Flame of Christendom

We include the following links with the urgent admonition to block them wholesale and forever – for the sake of morality and perhaps your eternal soul.

The Death of Messalina by Georges Antoine Rochegrosse