This is a directory and jump page for the eleven articles covering the Demise and Fall of the Roman Empire before and at the times of Justinian I, Flavius Petrus Sabbatius Iustinianus Augustus, c. 482 – November 14, 565), traditionally known as Justinian the Great and also Saint Justinian the Great in the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Our special treat: Full Movie (with English Subtitles) of the big German 1968 production of “The Last Roman” (Kampf um Rom) with Orson Welles as Justinian, Lawrence Harvey as Cethegus and Sylvia Koscina as Theodora on YouTube:

Part I (720p)

Part II (480p)

Article 1: Barbarians at the Gates

Justinian by Antoine Helbert

Article 2: The End of the Legions

Article 3: Alaric and the Sack of Rome

Article 4: The Fall of the West – Vandals, Goths and Huns

Justinian’s Empire at its greatest expanse, around AD 560

Article 5: The Gothic Wars

Article 6: Theodora

Article 7: Procopius and the Secret History

Article 8: Clovis – The Rise of the Franks

Article 9: Breakup of the West after Charlemagne

Tintoretto – The Fall of Constantinople

Article 10: The End of Rome and the Rise of France and Germany

Article 11: The Rise and Fall of the Empire (animated GIF)

Check also: Realm of History, a page with gorgeous reconstructed pics of Constantinople.

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